Andrew Morton (akpm@zip.com.au)
Sun, 23 Sep 2001 23:01:51 -0700

An ext3 patch against linux 2.4.10 is at


This patch is *lightly tested* - ie, it boots and does stuff.
The changes to ext3 are small, but the kernel which it patches
has recently changed a lot. If you're cautious, please wait
a couple of days.

The patch retains the buffer-tracing code. This will soon be
broken out into a separate patch to make ext3 suitable for
submission for the mainstream kernel.


- Fix an oops which could occur at unmount time due to non-empty
orphan list. This could be triggered by an earlier error during a

- Merge Ted's directory scan speedup heuristic.

- Remove the abort_write() address_space_operation by ensuring that
all prepare_write() callers always call commit_write().

- A number of changes to suit the new 2.4.10 VM and buffer-layer design.

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