Re: Binary only module overview

Petr Vandrovec (
Mon, 24 Sep 2001 19:52:13 MET-1

On 24 Sep 01 at 12:24, Dave McCracken wrote:
> >> IIRC, vmware includes one or more kernel modules.
> >>
> >> Rasmus
> >>
> > Yes, but the modules are not binary-only.
> > The sourcecode is in the package, although it is not GPL.
> I believe they only provide source for an interface layer that can be
> compiled against a specific version of the kernel. I think the core
> drivers are binary only.

VMnet and VMppuser drivers are completely standalone and can work
without VMware. You can persuade VMmon module to load and execute
arbitrary code on kernel level - it just provides virtual machine
environment (switches CPU context), but as it even does not link to
anything else, I do not see any problem here. DRI drivers also allows
you to smash arbitrary piece of memory...

As for license on these modules - I was under impression that they are
under GPL, but I'll ask VMware for clarification.
Best regards,
Petr Vandrovec

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