Announce: modutils 2.4.9 is available

Keith Owens (
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 17:48:22 +1000

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modutils-2.4.9.tar.gz Source tarball, includes RPM spec file
modutils-2.4.9-1.src.rpm As above, in SRPM format
modutils-2.4.9-1.i386.rpm Compiled with gcc 2.96 20000731,
glibc 2.2.2.
modutils-2.4.9-1.ia64.rpm Compiled with gcc 2.96-ia64-20000731,
patch-modutils-2.4.9.gz Patch from modutils 2.4.8 to 2.4.9.

Related kernel patches.

patch-2.4.2-persistent.gz Adds persistent data and generic string
support to kernel 2.4.2 onwards. Optional.

Changelog extract

* Update to latest config.guess/sub from
* Add sh (super-h) support from Niibe Yutaka.
* IEEE1394 support by Kristian Hogsberg, cleaned up by KAO.
* Add support for Alpha GPREL16, GPRELHIGH, GPRELLOW relocs.
Fix short data section allocation order for Alpha and IA-64.
Don't relocate non-allocated sections. Richard Henderson.
* Mark the kernel as tainted for non-GPL modules or insmod -f.

That last addition goes with the MODULE_LICENSE patch from Alan Cox and
my patch for /proc/sys/kernel/tainted, mailed to linux-kernel on
September 25, 07:00 GMT. If /proc/sys/kernel/tainted exists and you
load a module with no license you will get a warning and the kernel
will be tainted, expect a lot of warnings until AC has all modules
patched. Even if /proc/sys/kernel/tainted does not exist, loading a
module that has MODULE_LICENSE other than GPL or using insmod -f will
result in a warning.

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