Re: Binary only module overview

Casey Schaufler (
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 09:22:08 -0700

Alan Cox wrote:
> > > > SGI - High level security modules (LSM)
> >
> > License terms and release scheme for this work
> > have not been finalized.
> But from your comments on the LSM list we can guess

Sure you can guess. That's all you'll be doing though.
As a representitive of a corporate entity it is important
that I not make promises that I can't keep. I would like
to provide all facilities under GPL or more liberal terms.
We have to deal with potential legal encumberances, and
that's a fact of corporate life. I can say that I want
to use GPL, that I plan to use GPL (which is true) but
I am required to provide notice that I may not be able
for legal, copywrite, or corporate poliy reasons to
commit to doing so. This is one of the disadvantages of
being a wage slave.


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