Analog joystick fails on 2.4.10

John Check (
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 12:47:44 -0400

I'm using the analog joystick driver through the gameport of an SB-Live
I had previously used the ns558 gameport driver with kernels up to and
including 2.4.9 with no problems. Using the emu10k1-gp module leaves me
with working buttons but dead axes. This is with a Gravis Blackhawk 4 button
3 axis stick. I am loading the modules the same as always s/ns558/emu10k1-gp/
Reporting this as a bug. I'n not subscribed to list so if I'm missing
something cc me. I'll monitor the list archives otherwise

PS. 2.4.10 runs much better VM wise, I'm not eating swap like I was before.
FWIW I'm using reiserfs.
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