Re: [RFC] OOM aware applications

Andreas Dilger (
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 10:46:22 -0600

On Sep 25, 2001 10:49 +0530, BALBIR SINGH wrote:
> Warning: I am not aware of what was discussed earlier about these issues
> or if they were discusses at all.

They have been discussed many times. Please search for SIGDANGER in the
linux-kernel mailing list archive.

> 1. I was wondering that instead of killing the application using
> oom_kill_task() directly, should the OOM issue some kind of a
> warning by sending a signal (some signal with si_code set to a
> value indicating that the application is causing memory to run
> out). Then, wait for a while and then see if the application is
> still misbehaving and if so kill it.

This is exactly what SIGDANGER is.

Cheers, Andreas

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