Re: all files are executable in vfat

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Tue, 25 Sep 2001 20:31:33 +0200

I also faced this litte problem.

> Maybe by default (v)fat permissions should be
> a+x on directories and a-x on files. But then

I could live with this solution.

I could also live with a dmask option. But then it would be great to have
this option with every file system not only vfat.

> do a-x on files so this would be explicit? Maybe
> is would be better to put back the old logic? :-)

This i my preferred solution. I cannot image a situation where it is useful,
to have a execution flag on all files, if the file system has a noexec flag.
But I see a lot of problems, like the Midnight Commander Logic.
On the other side, it is quite sensible to remove the execution flags from a
file if you cannot execute them.


Christian Bornträger
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