Pavel Machek (
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 21:59:50 +0200


> > I need to alloc as much memory as possible, *but not more*. I do not
> > want to OOM-kill anything. How do I do this? Tried GFP_KERNEL, will
> > oom-kill. GFP_USER will OOM-kill, too.
> Try GFP_ATOMIC; GFP_KERNEL sets the __GFP_WAIT flag and you don't
> want that.

No, I want other apps to be moved to swap, dirty data written out
etc. I really can't live with GFP_ATOMIC.

> But, if you're really asking how to know how large the current working set is,
> so that you don't grab more than your applications are going to need and
> eventually OOM, you'll need to set GFP_HAVE_CRYSTAL_BALL ;-)

I want to push just as much that I do not cause OOM. I'll stop
applications real soon after that.


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