2.4.10 - Warning: indirect lcall without `*'

Kristian Peters (kristian.peters@korseby.net)
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 22:34:14 +0200

Shouldn't that fixed earlier ?

I use gcc 2.95.3.

make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-2.4.10/arch/i386/boot'
gcc -E -D__KERNEL__ -I/usr/src/linux-2.4.10/include -D__BIG_KERNEL__
-traditional -DSVGA_MODE=NORMAL_VGA bootsect.S -o bbootsect.s
as -o bbootsect.o bbootsect.s
bbootsect.s: Assembler messages:
bbootsect.s:257: Warning: indirect lcall without `*'
ld -m elf_i386 -Ttext 0x0 -s --oformat binary bbootsect.o -o bbootsect
gcc -E -D__KERNEL__ -I/usr/src/linux-2.4.10/include -D__BIG_KERNEL__
-D__ASSEMBLY__ -traditional -DSVGA_MODE=NORMAL_VGA setup.S -o bsetup.s
as -o bsetup.o bsetup.s
bsetup.s: Assembler messages:
bsetup.s:1912: Warning: indirect lcall without `*'

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