Re: Binary only module overview

Roberto Nibali (
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 00:39:31 +0200

> Yes, the LSM licensing issue seems to be critical to a lot of people :)

I read the current evolvement of the LSM framework and its ongoing
licensing discussions with great affection and joy :) This is what
happens if too many third party vendors get interested in yet another
possiblity of selling their product under Linux legally ...

> Presently I am waiting for a response from WireX as to what their stance
> is.

Ok. I thought it had to be GPL anyway but then again I'm not too
familiar with the whole LSM "patch" yet. It seems as if there are
multiple licenses needed. [Well, that's what we have the MODULE_LICENSE
for then.]

> Exactly. It looks like HP provides the source code for everything
> (someone tell me if I'm wrong here) while Argus looks like they only
> provide the kernel patches and a compiled loadable module binary, under
> a unknown license (at this time.)

I put their license on the page too. Enjoy the binary software license:

Roberto Nibali, ratz
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