Announce: Kernel Build for 2.5, Release 1.3 is available.

Keith Owens (
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 20:58:48 +1000

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Release 1.3 of kernel build for kernel 2.5 (kbuild 2.5) is available., Package kbuild-2.5, download
release 1.3.
contains information about the base release.

Changes from Release 1.2

Upgrade to kernel 2.4.10.

Split arch/$(ARCH)/Makefile.defs into Makefile.defs.noconfig and
Makefile.defs.config, the latter can only be processed after .config
has been read. i386 and ia64 done, more to come.

arch_core_subdirs is gone, it uses link_subdirs like everything else.

Yet more aic7xxx fixes, I wish that Makefile followed the rules :(.

Changing the number of source trees no longer forces a complete
rebuild. Changing the names of the source tree never forced a
rebuild but adding or deleting a complete tree used to.

Add $(obj_includelist) for generated include files.

Offsets for Assembler code standardized to arch/$(ARCH)/asm-offsets.h.
i386 and ia64 done, more to come.

scripts/ to report on which files are shadowed and at which

Ensure that make install uses the same KERNELRELEASE as the build,
even if root forgets to specify any overrides.

Assorted bug fixes.

Expect a kbuild 2.5 patch for 2.4.9-ia64-010820 in the next few days,
and a patch for 2.4.10-ac after 2.4.10-ac1 is released.

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