Re: problem with 2.4.8 and "Checking root filesystem"

Maurice Volaski (
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 13:27:30 -0400

>I'm trying to install kernel 2.4.8 with Alan's patches (AC) plus XFS.
>I took vanilla kernel, applied all patches and build successfully
>kernel. When I reboot system, kernel was loaded and on my RedHat 7.1
>booting sequence stopped at
>Checking root filesystem...
>and wait forever. It doesn't try to invoke fsck for root file system,
>just wait for something. Reading Documentation/Changes for new kernel
>I check out that have all appropriate packages (all needed vesions
>of e2fsprogs, etc.) Any idea what happens and how to fix?
>System Dual PIII, SCSI disks (Adaptec AIC7xxx), root on ext2, the rest on xfs.
>I'll appreciate if you personally CC'ed the answers/comments to my Email
>since I'm still not in kernel mailing list.

I am seeing the same problem on a single processor system but I am
running 2.4.10 with ext3 and the kdb patch. Root happens to be ext2.


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