Re: Serious allocating/freeing memory or ReiserFS problem in 2.4.10

Olivier Sessink (
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 22:57:49 +0200

On 0, Veit Wahlich <> wrote:
> Hi!
> When I upgraded my kernel from 2.4.9 to 2.4.10 I experienced the problem
> described in this posting. Because I lack in time, I am not able to read
> this mailing list regularly, so I do not know whether this problem is
> known or not. Because I am short on time and this caused crashes on my
> system I can not apply any screenshots/hardcopys but I will try to help
> fetching information about this wherever I can. For this please contact
> .
> I discovered this while using donkey (, a
> non-opensource P2P solution applying a Linux client. Contact is
> , I will forward this email to them.
> As donkey is a MFTP implementation it begins to "hash" all incomplete
> files in the download queue when run. This means it reads the whole file
> and builds a kind of checksum (as I suppose) of all segments that are
> already downloaded. During this process, the amount of memory in use
> steadily grows, while the memory used by all processes (including
> donkey) stays nearly unchanged. Because I am running ReiserFS and donkey
> is reading huge files, this could also be a ReiserFS problem. I have no
> experience with donkey and kernels <2.4.9.

this is a problem specific to 2.4.10, I have the same problem (also using
edonkey), 2.4.10pre8 doesn't have this problem. I don't know what changed,
but 2.4.10 is not usable.


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