Re: [patch] netconsole - log kernel messages over the network. 2.4.10.

Andreas Dilger (
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 15:29:09 -0600

On Wed, 26 Sep 2001, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> sample startup of the netconsole on the server:
> insmod netconsole dev=eth1 target_ip=0x0a000701 \
> source_port=6666 \
> target_port=6666 \
> target_eth_byte0=0x00 \
> target_eth_byte1=0x90\
> target_eth_byte2=0x27 \
> target_eth_byte3=0x8C \
> target_eth_byte4=0xA0 \
> target_eth_byte5=0xA8

Ugh. Maybe a wrapper script (netconsole-server) which automates this is
in order? I imagine the eth_byteX is a MAC address (or at least that this
is in the documentation)?

> > and on the client:
> >
> > # ./netconsole-client -server -client -port 6666
> > [ console startup...]
> > netconsole: network logging started up successfully!
> > SysRq : Loglevel set to 9

Any chance the netconsole-client can be set up to listen for multiple hosts
and log to the local syslog? This would allow you to run netconsole-client
on your normal syslog host and add timestamps, clean up old logs, etc.

I take it that this is only a one-way interface (i.e. logs sent from the
server to the client), and not a real serial-console replacement?

In any case, this will be EXTREMELY useful for me, as a lot of new machines
do not have serial ports and are a PITA to debug in case of a crash. Thanks.

Cheers, Andreas

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