SIGSTOP/CONT behaviour

Christian Jaeger (
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 00:46:17 +0200


I just wanted to make sure I'm right about this:

If I send a SIGSTOP to another process, I can NOT rely on him not
running anymore after the kill syscall returns. Is that right? I think
so/have been told so because when the other process is in the middle of
a syscall when I send SIGSTOP it will still finish this syscall and only
afterwards stop (and my kill call will return before that).

Additionally I could imagine there isn't even a guarantee that the
process won't execute userland code anymore in the case of SMP?

(What I wanted to do is stop several file serving daemons
(ftp,samba,netatalk) from fiddling with the filesystem while I traverse
through a file tree. I need to make sure I don't get files twice because
they have been moved while traversing and so on. I would not mind that
much about file *contents* changing, though. I'd welcome other
suggestions that don't imply changing the source code of these servers.)

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