Re: Question: Etherenet Link Detection

Randy.Dunlap (
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 17:10:07 -0700

Tim Hockin wrote:
> > It's traditionally been defined as MII information, but that's
> > awfully slow, so some Ethernet controllers make it available
> > in a quicker manner.
> >
> > ethtool might do this (;
> > I don't know for sure.
> The only interface to this is through MII, unless we want to add an ETHTOOL
> style ioctl to get the link status. This means, however, that every driver
> that wants to report this needs to support at least a subset of ethtool
> ioctls, which VERY FEW do.

Right. I think that Jeff was thinking about this for 2.5 (what's
but I'm not trying to speak for Jeff.

Or maybe this has already been discussed on these mailing lists: or

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