Re: swsusp: move resume before mounting root [diff against vanilla 2.4.9]

Andreas Dilger (
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 22:29:06 -0600

On Sep 26, 2001 23:02 -0400, Albert D. Cahalan wrote:
> That is totally broken, because I may mount the disk in between
> the suspend and resume. I might even:
> 1. boot kernel X
> 2. suspend kernel X
> 3. boot kernel Y
> 4. suspend kernel Y
> 5. resume kernel X
> 6. suspend kernel X
> 7. resume kernel Y
> 8. suspend kernel Y
> 9. goto #5
> You really have to close the logs and mark the disks clean
> when you suspend. The problems here are similar the the ones
> NFS faces. Between the suspend and resume, filesystems may be
> modified in arbitrary ways.

This is possible with the "write_super_lockfs" interface to the
journaling filesystems (ext3/reiserfs/XFS). This is normally
used for LVM snapshots, but it could also be used for this.

Cheers, Andreas

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