Re: Fighting with K7VZA (via KT133A/686B): Any news?

bill davidsen (
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 13:28:23 -0400

In article <01092523011505.01149@localhost.localdomain>,
Rob Landley <> wrote:

| Does the best course of action at this point involve attempting to get money
| back, and if so, which motherboard can actually accept ~gigahertz athlon and
| PC133 memory and possibly even do something useful with it under any known or
| expected 2.4 kernel variant?

I would certainly return the board ASAP. The chances are that you have
a defective example rather than a bad design, but you might want to be
prepared for a brand switch if the next one doesn't work. But see below...

| Thanks for your time. (How much did Tom's Hardware get paid to recommend
| this motherboard as "Rock Solid"? What, Talc? Pumice? Sandstone? Perhaps
| a particularly flaky vein of mica?)

I wouldn't say that even in jest. I sometimes question the competence
of those reviews, and often the relevance, but I think they're honest.

Possible causes:

Power supply. BIOS option setting. Memory (memtest doesn't use the cpu
specific stuff to get the high data rate, at least my old copy).

Board I use:

Abit KK266. With the Athlon optimization and 2.4.9ac14+patch. Runs
solid with 1GB RAM, high memory enabled, 1.4GHz CPU speed. And is stable
for 10% (146MHz FSB) o/c as well, so I think it's really stable.

bill davidsen <>
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