Re: 2GB File limitation

Andreas Dilger (
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 01:33:03 -0600

On Sep 28, 2001 02:17 -0400, Bobby Hitt wrote:
> Is someone working on a way to overcome the 2GB file limitation in Linux? I
> currently backup several servers using a dedicated hard drive for the
> backups. Recently I saw one backup die saying the the file size had been
> exceeded.

This is your lucky day. The 2GB limit has been fixed a year or two ago.
You need an "LFS" patch for 2.2 kernels (any vendor kernel will have this),
or any 2.4 kernel.

You ALSO need to ensure your libc supports large files (glibc-2.2
definitely will), and also that your tools can handle it (needs to be
compiled with special LARGEFILE defines, and open files with O_LARGEFILE).

Cheers, Andreas

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