Re: idetape broke in 2.4.x-2.4.9-ac5 (write OK but not read) ide-scsi works in 2.4.4

Mikael Pettersson (
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 11:15:07 +0200

Pete Zaitcev writes:
> By the way, why does everyone insist on using ide-tape?
> It seems to be broken beyond any repair by injection of
> lethal poison marked "OnStream Support" (not that it was brilliant
> before, but that was the last nail in the coffin). Just use ide-scsi
> and be done with it. I really do not enjoy reading ide-tape.c.

I agree that ide-tape.c looks like a buggy piece of cr*p, but apart
from that, what would I gain from using scsi tape on top of ide-scsi?
Would it magically work on broken Colorados?

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