Re: ide-scsi driver trouble in ac15

bill davidsen (
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 14:31:08 -0400

In article <> wrote:

[ ide-scsi problens ]

>It also happened to me with ac10, ide-scsi, CD-RW is a Samsung 8x, and =
>was writing a audio cd, when it finished writing the track 8 of 18 it=20
>entered the loop, since then I couldn't eject the cd, neither eject=20
>/dev/hdb, nor cdrecord -eject, nor the eject button, I had to reboot.
>My system is a 2x200mmx smp all ide.

Don't see it on a P-II-400 (Dell Dimension 400). The Yamaha on-board
sound doesn't work, but it never did, it just thinks it is, sound apps
work fine but never produce output.

I do note that the sound modules noted in modules.conf didn't load and
need to be hand loaded...

bill davidsen <>
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