Re: Binary only module overview

Daniel Caujolle-Bert (
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 21:44:39 +0200

Alan Cox wrote:
> > That I would call an obvious GPL violation... no discussion
> > about vague "interfaces", if you directly link serial.c
> > (even modified) into a non-GPL .o file that's obvious....
> I raised this one with Ted T'so (who wrote the serial.c they use) a long
> time ago. Ted seemed happy for this to occur - and its kind of his code,
> his business.

I don't understand you here, sorry, complicated sentence are
hard for me :<. Anyway, i am one of the one who hacked and old version
of this driver for 2.4.7+, of course i can understand it's a GPL
but like another guy wrote (sorry, i haven't his name liying around),
binary only module is *almost* better than no support.


73's de Daniel, F1RMB.

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