2.4.9-ac16 + imm module = hard lock

Dan Creswell (dan@dcrdev.demon.co.uk)
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 22:07:56 +0100


I have a dual pentium III 550Mhz box and a parallel port ZIP-plus drive.

Under 2.2.19 SMP, with imm compiled as a module, everything works fine.

With 2.4.9-ac16 (plus the swapoff patch) SMP, with imm compiled as a
module I get a hard lock when I load the module. It successfully
determines which mode to use (EPP-32 bit) but, at the point where it
probes, everything dies.

The same kernel 2.4.9-ac16 compiled for uniprocessor with imm compiled
as a module also works fine.

A quick diff of the 2.2.19 imm source-code and the 2.4.9-ac16 imm
source-code reveals that the only major difference is the introduction




in various places.

The parallel port code is compiled into the kernel at build time.

That's all the info I have right now, any thoughts/suggestions/more info



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