Re: all files are executable in vfat

Florian Weimer (Florian.Weimer@RUS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE)
29 Sep 2001 19:37:55 +0200

Alan Cox <> writes:

> > > Not for filesystems that store permission info, e.g., ext2,
> > > ISO9660+RockRidge, etc.
> >
> > Sometimes I wish there was a uid/gid option for ext2, too. (Doing
> > forensic analysis as root is a bit risky. ;-)
> Usermode Linux can mount your ext2fs block device in the virtual linux,
> and with copy on write of changes to a different file.

Usermode Linux is indeed an option, thanks for the suggestions.

BTW, which of the journaling file systems support true read-only
mounts (without replaying the journal and thus writing to disk)?

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