Re: boot/root floppies in modern times?

Ookhoi (
Mon, 1 Oct 2001 07:41:48 +0200

> So, I ended up where you did, 1 floppy with enough tools to load any
> other floppy with anything else I need.


> Which brings me to my next stumbling block. The NIC that I have now
> (got an internal mini-pci one coming next week) is a PC Card. That is
> something else I've never messed with. I built the driver (3c574) into
> the kernel, but from what I'm seeing that isn't enough? I also need
> the pcmcia-cs userland tools?

No. I have the 3CCFE575CT and with the driver 3c59x build into the
kernel or as kernel module, I don't need any pcmcia tools. Good thing
for the single floppy. :-)

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