[PATCH] updated preempt-kernel

Robert Love (rml@tech9.net)
20 Oct 2001 03:27:12 -0400

Testers Wanted:

patches to enable a fully preemptible kernel are available at:
for kernels 2.4.10, 2.4.12, 2.4.12-ac3, and 2.4.13-pre5.

What is this:

A preemptible kernel. It lowers your latency.

What is New:

* sync with new kernel releases

* if HIGHMEM_DEBUG was on the preempt counter would be incremented at
times but never decremented. this resulted in preemption becoming
permanently disabled.

* if HIGHMEM_DEBUG was not on, HIGHMEM would crash the system horribly
due to a case where preemption was enabled without a corresponding

* reapply dropped hunk to pgalloc to prevent reentrancy onto per-CPU

The next few patches are going to work on identifying any remaining
per-CPU variables that need explicit locking under preemption.

Robert Love

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