Re: Re: loop back broken in 2.2.14
Mon, 12 Nov 2001 12:40:43 -0500

Okay, I can delete out those two lines to get loop working.

Is 2.4.x really a stable tree? Or should I wait for 2.4.25 before I consider it really stable?

> > François Cami wrote:
> >
> > > yes, see 2.4.15pre1
> > > warning, the iptables code in 2.4.15pre1 and pre2 seems broken.
> >
> > and further it is likely that pre3 fixes iptables code :)
> > (it looks like the patch got reverted)
> Actually it doesn't seem to be reverted,
> just reworked -

hmm, spoke too soon -

looks like they were reverted after all...



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