Re: generic_file_llseek() broken?
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 00:55:58 GMT

> I _think_ there is a bug in generic_file_llseek(), with it returning -EINVAL
> instead of -EFBIG in the case where the offset is larger than the s_maxbytes.
> AFAICS, the return -EINVAL is for the case where "whence" is invalid, not the
> case where "offset" is too large for the underlying filesystem

My reading of the standards is:

[EFBIG] - File too large. You get this when trying to write. Not for a seek.
The size of a file would exceed the maximum file size
of an implementation or offset maximum established
in the corresponding file description.

[EOVERFLOW] - Value too large for data type. This can happen for a seek.
The resulting file offset would be a value which cannot be represented
correctly in an object of the given type.

[EINVAL] - Bad value for other reasons. This will happen for a seek to a
negative offset.

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