Re: 2.4.17rc1: KERNEL: assertion failed at tcp.c(1520):tcp_recvmsg ?

Stefan Frank (
Sun, 23 Dec 2001 13:33:20 +0100


ok, here's a followup on my own mail. I just replaced
all the memory with the one from my workstation (256MB + 128MB)
and htdig's cron job still locks up the machine, so although
the 512MB module might have a bit-error it's NOT the cause of the
problem here. My workstation is running about a year now with this
memory and NEVER locked up like this.

So IMHO the problem lies somewhere else.

Any suggestions? I'm happy to provide more information if it helps.

TIA for your effort!

Bye, Stefan

PS: the filesystems are all ext3, in case it matters
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