Re: fadvise syscall?

Stevie O (
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 01:38:17 -0500

At 04:05 PM 3/22/2002 +0000, Pavel Machek wrote:
>> I disagree, and here's the main reasons:
>> * fadvise(2) usefulness extends past open(2). It may be useful to call
>> it at various points during runtime.
>open(/proc/self/fd/0, O_NEW_FLAGS)?

So to use fadvise(), the system must have /proc mounted?

Not everybody mounts /proc -- it provides a lot of potential information to anybody who can access it ("hmm... they have a QZ48257 ethernet chipset [cat /proc/pci] -- lets see, sending this specific sequence of bytes in a TCP packet will lock up the receiver...").


Real programmers use COPY CON PROGRAM.EXE

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