Problem with serial.c introduced in 2.4.15

Christian Asam (
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 18:21:38 +0100

After having found out that a too old kernel caused my problem with
writing to slow devices I had the problem that my serial digitizer
(Genius using gpm/genitizer) didn't work with 2.4.18. I tracked it down
to a change made in 1.4.15:
#if 0 /*
* !!! ignore all characters if CREAD is not set
if ((cflag & CREAD) == 0)
info->ignore_status_mask |= UART_LSR_DR;

In 2.4.15 the #if 0 and #endif was removed and somehow that manages to
break gpm/genitizer. I then added the #if 0/#endif to "remove" that
statement in 2.4.18 and the tablet works with 2.4.18 too.

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