[PATCH: NEW ARCHITECTURE FOR 2.5.7] support for NCR voyager (3/4/5xxx

James Bottomley (James.Bottomley@HansenPartnership.com)
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 11:34:31 -0600

This really only tidies up the split out of arch/i386 in the previous release.
It also backs out a fix for the migration_mask physical/logical CPU problems
in 2.5.6 in favour of the official fix.

In response to will it work questions, this is the list of supported types

3430/3360 (Level 4): Works (tested up to 2 way), need sim710 driver for
internal SCSI chip.
345x (Level 5): Works (tested up to 10 way), need NCR_D700 or BusLogic SCSI
35xx (Level 5): Should work up to 16 way (not tested), need NCR_D700 or
BusLogic SCSI card.
4100 (Level 5): Should work (not tested), need NCR_D700 SCSI card. Q720
driver is broken currently, so must use D700 or BusLogic SCSI card.
51xx (Level 5): Should work up to 32 way (not tested). No Q720 driver is a
bit of a problem here since I don't think they support anything else.

The patch is in two parts this time: The i386 sub-architecture split is
separated from the addition of the voyager components

http://www.hansenpartnership.com/voyager/files/split-2.5.7.diff (259k)
http://www.hansenpartnership.com/voyager/files/split-2.5.7.BK (107k)
http://www.hansenpartnership.com/voyager/files/voyager-2.5.7.diff (149k)
http://www.hansenpartnership.com/voyager/files/voyager-2.5.7.BK (288k)

(The split diff is pretty huge because it's actually moving files about). You
must apply the split diff before applying the voyager one.

James Bottomley

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