devfsd-v1.3.25 available

Richard Gooch (
Sun, 24 Mar 2002 23:58:45 -0700

Hi, all. I've just released version 1.3.25 of my devfsd (devfs
daemon) at:

Tarball directly available from:


This works with devfs-patch-v130, kernel 2.3.46 and devfs-patch-v99.7
(or later).

The main changes are:

- Minor GNUmakefile tweak for newer versions of sort(1)

- Added signal handler for SIGUSR1 (re-read config but don't generate
synthetic events)

- Make /lib/devfsd the default directory for shared objects

- Set close-on-exec flag for .devfsd control file

- Set umask so that mknod(2) open(2) and mkdir(2) have complete
control over permissions

- Added sample entries to devfsd.conf for USB mouse

- Added ide-floppy to modules.devfs list for /dev/discs

- Added /dev/pg and /dev/pg* to modules.devfs list for SCSI generic

- Added entry to modules.devfs for AGPGART driver

- Added entry to modules.devfs for raw I/O driver.


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