Re: [Cooker] (RFC) Supermount 2
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 13:21:02 +0100 (CET)

On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, Matthew D. Pitts wrote:
> I am starting to plan a new version of Supermount. I have some things I want to try out in it, and I will list them in this message. I am willing to accept any and all input on what I am wanting to call Supermount 2.
> Planned features of Supermount 2:
> 1) Auto-detection of filesystem type.
Meaning we will finally have CD-tracks visualized as WAV files? like CD-fs
does? Same goes for multisession disks.
> 2) Supermount modules for each filesystem type.
How is this on performance (first check for fs type than loading module?
than disk is removed, unloading module and loading another one?)

> 3) Built-in support for packet-writing. ( i.e. insert packet-writing formatted disk and it loads appropriate kernel modules. )
> There may be other features added if there is an interest in them. I will need assistance with the packet-writing support. I am only planning to do this for the 2.5.x and later kernels, so if anyone else wishes to back-port it to an older kerenl series, by all means do so. I have wanted to make some kind of contribution to this project for some time and I feel that this is something that will be useful.
What about doing it in userspace? I remember seeing Alan Cox writing he
had a proof of concept of something like this on some ftp server (sorry,
cannot remember where).

> I am going to be making my prelminary code available to whomever wishes to see it once I get my Linux box back up.


> Matthew D. Pitts

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