Re: SSSCA Hits the Senate

Ron Pagani / San Francisco / San Jose, CA (
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 08:06:50 -0800

Corporate greed aside, what is the real benefit to the developer?

And since this is all supposed to 'digitally integrated' (i.e. encrypted
source code or some nonsense), who will be responsible for
authenticating the copy right ownership? Will the Fed administer some
sort of registry of developers? Will those outside of that registry
(presuming *OUCH* it existed) become enemies of the state!?

You thought Microsoft was controlling?????? (Unless of course, Sen.
Hollings was compensated handsomely for constructing this bill)

On Monday, March 25, 2002, at 07:22 AM, Jesse Pollard wrote:

>> This is bad, very bad. If the bill passes as written, all software will
>> be subject to it. Senator Hollings and his cronies (and anyone who
>> thinks like them) need to get a clue. They need to be out of office.
>> (My apologies in advance if this does not come across as text. My
>> regular system is broken and I'm forced to use Winsucks and Nutscrape
>> for my mail.)
>> PGA
> Has there been anything that says the copy protection code can't be
> source?
> If it were included in the source, along with all the other code, would
> that
> be recognized as "protected"?
> It would also be impossible to include copy protection in a compiler..
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