Re: IDE and hot-swap disk caddies

Wakko Warner (
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 17:32:34 -0500

> > > > The way you say that makes me think that it does support at some other
> > > > level... hot swap controller? Doesn't match MY hardware. Hot swap
> > >
> > > Controller level hotswap works mostly (think about pcmcia ide for example)
> >
> > Just to throw this out there. Is it possible to make the ide subsystem look
> > like a scsi controller ? that way the scsi layer could insert/remove
> > devices. say: ide0/1 = scsi0 (assuming no other scsi controllers) and hda =
> > scsi0 channel0 id0 lun0 and hdc = scsi0 channel1 id0 lun0 ...
> >
> > Personally, if it's doable, i'd like it.
> Hardware is different.
> You can paint a goose yellow and call it a duck, but it is still a goose.
> The electrical/electronic interface will kill you!

how is it different than all the different scsi controllers?

What I'm saying is an ide module that talks to the ide hardware and to the
scsi subsystem.

both scsi and ide support disks, tapes, cdroms, and other removable media.

IIRC, windows nt sees ide controllers as a scsi controller (in a sence)

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