More observations regarding IPv6 on PPC platform.

Matthew Drobnak (
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 17:52:42 -0500

While I was attempting to debug a little bit, I installed tcpdump to see
if it was even seeing the router advertisements...Apparently it was..

On top of that, if you keep tcpdump running, IPv6 works fine!

I noticed that when I had it manually configured, whenever any sort of
routing was necessary, a neighbor solicitation was sent out, but never
made it to the other end. However, if I let it auto configure, it worked
fine, and as well if I added on the secondary addresss using "ifconfig
eth1 add ....", so, with that being said, is it a MAC or IP address
filtering problem?

Any ideas would be appreciated, I'd like to get this running, as I'm a
big fan of IPv6... I have 1 IPv4 address, but a whole /48 to work with. :-D

Thanks again,
-Matthew Drobnak

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