[PATCH] 2.5.7-dj1 add 5 help texts to arch/cris/Config.help

Steven Cole (elenstev@mesatop.com)
25 Mar 2002 18:42:45 -0700

This patch adds 5 help texts to arch/cris/Config.help.
The texts were obtained from ESR's v2.97 Configure.help.


--- linux-2.5.7-dj1/arch/cris/Config.help.orig Mon Mar 25 13:53:25 2002
+++ linux-2.5.7-dj1/arch/cris/Config.help Mon Mar 25 13:53:59 2002
@@ -392,3 +392,26 @@
Use serial port 3 as the rescue port.

+ Configure where power button is connected.
+ Specifies the device that should be mounted as root file system
+ when booting from flash. The axisflashmap driver adds an additional
+ mtd partition for the appended root file system image, so this option
+ should normally be the mtdblock device for the partition after the
+ last partition in the partition table.
+ Configure what pin on CSPO-port that is used for controlling power
+ supply.
+ Enable this if Etrax is used with a power-supply that can be turned
+ off and on with PS_ON signal. Gives the possibility to detect
+ powerbutton and then do a power off after unmounting disks.
+ By enabling this you make sure that the watchdog does not bite while
+ printing oopses. Recommended for development systems but not for
+ production releases.

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