Re: SSSCA Hits the Senate

Stephen Samuel (
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 18:44:33 -0800

But how are you going to compile your FIRST kernel?? At some point
you'll need a compiler, and they'll insist that the limitations go into
that first compiler that someone gets.

Thunder from the hill wrote:
> Florian Weimer wrote:
>> "Herman Oosthuysen" <> writes:
>>> The obvious solution is to continue the way Richard Stallman envisaged:
>>> ***Distribute all code in source form only - no binary distributions.***
>>> This way, the source files are protected under freedom of speech
>>> rules and
>>> the originator of the work is safe.
>> Unfortunately, this works only in the U.S. Other countries which will
>> follow the US leadership in consumer suppression regulate free speech
>> to make it conforming to law.
>> I agree, though, that source-only distribution avoids many problems
>> and is preferable.
> But not all the people out there are skilled enough to install a source
> distribution. Also, binary installations may go faster, and the youth of
> today tends to not having time...
> So there are still problems with it. If one day computers are all so
> fast like the one who compiled a kernel in 7.56 seconds, and we have a
> nice API for compiling, it might be great idea, but it might happen that
> someone else will claim to have had the idea. This certainly won't be me.
> Thunder

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