Update: Kernel 2.4.17/19-pre4 with VT8367 [KT266] crashes on heavy ide load togeter with heavy network load

Kai-Boris Schad (kschad@correo.e-technik.uni-ulm.de)
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 20:04:01 +0100

Hi !

First thanks a lot for the good ideas and comments on my previous posting. I
updated the kernel to 2.4.19-pre4 and it seem's to improve the situation.
There was no crash with the RTL Network Card but the system response boged
down sometimes for a few (up to 10) seconds. Then I tried the same togeter
with the "3com 3c905C" networkcard and the system hung a few seconds after
starting the copy-commands "dd count=16M if=/dev/zero of=/home/test0&" and
"cp /home/zero /dev/null&" and "ico" on an remote terminal for network load.
Thus my personal work arround would be to use the rtl network card - but
there remains this problem.

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