Re: Separate keymaps for separate vt's?
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 22:06:51 GMT

A couple of non-English users has asked me if there is an ability to
have different keymaps for different vt's in kernel.
It seems like kernel keeps just one translation table for all vt's.
I would be interested in patching console driver to keep separate tables
for separate vt's (that would allow me to include an ability to load
different keymaps in next release of Linux Console Tools). Perhaps there
are some ideas you can give me, or, perhaps, name a current console driver
maintainer for me to discuss this idea?

Usually, such things can be done without any kernel changes.
It is easy to set things up in such a way that a single keystroke
changes keymap. People wishing to switch between English and
Cyrillic / Arabic / Greek / ... usually bind the "switch" action
to some key like AltR or Pause or so.
For example, look at or (from kbd-1.06).

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