Re: Anyone else seen VM related oops on 2.4.18?

Stas Sergeev (
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 15:27:39 +0300


Mike Galbraith wrote:
> You can use dri with your 7500?
Yes. And it works really great until
either locks up the system or gets killed
by an Oops.

> Same processor as 8500 cards?
No idea.

> If so, which X sources are you using?
Mine works with 4.2.0's DRI, with latest
DRI from and with an
alternative drivers from
They all locks my system probably due to
an AMD Irongate.

> I bought an 8500 Evil Master II specifically because I saw Radeon
> support in the kernel and X source. Much to my chagrin, I can't
> use dri because the source (4.2.0) says dri is not yet implimented
> for that processor.
I was also confused by the fact that 7500
support doesn't exist in 4.1.0, but 4.2.0
really supports it.
Anyway, visit and try
the drivers from there.
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