Re: [PATCH] linux-2.5.7.fix2.patch

Anton Altaparmakov (
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 15:46:44 +0000

Hi Andre,

I tried this patch on my laptop to see if it would make my atapi cdrom data
underrun problems go away.

Unfortunately booting 2.5.7 + your patch causes hda: lost interrupt
messages to appear. It still manages to progress through the boot scripts
ok for a while, albeit very, very slowly, but eventually after several lost
interrupt messages the kernel crashes.

Vanilla 2.5.7 boots fine but the cdrom doesn't work due to the data/buffer

I am quite happy to help debug this, let me know what info you would like
to see... Can I enable debugging somewhere to get more interesting messages
or should I try anything?



At 22:53 23/03/02, Andre Hedrick wrote:

>Martin et al.
>This is the next step in stablizing the transport layer.
>I have not booted but it will compile, and it is nearly identical to what
>I generated for 2.4 to be released soon.
>The comments are harsh on the interface but it functionally correct.
>If you get an device error in PIO, bad things can happen to the data.
>This is no different in the stock 2.4.0->2.4.18->19x.
>Of of all the transport data handlers.
> DMA read/write is safe and has always been.
> Single sector PIO WRITING is clean and safe.
>DIRTY but operational (error events in the hardware will cause data problems)
> Single sector PIO READING can corrupt a single sector if there
> is a device error.
> Multi-Read/Write will corrupt and misreport data only on an error.
>What is still lacking in block is the much needed in proccess bio walker.
>Once I can finish coding this fix into BLOCK, then I can complete the
>transport layer and slap it on a bus analyzer and force articial errors on
>the buss to see if the driver behaves correctly. If this passes, we are
>good to run like the wind.
>Andre Hedrick
>LAD Storage Consulting Group

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