Re: Filesystem benchmarks: ext2 vs ext3 vs jfs vs minix

Andrew Morton (
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 09:51:20 -0800

Matthew Kirkwood wrote:
> ...
> Yeah, I thought it was a little odd. Postgres does so much
> fsync()ing that I thought it may just have been that the lower
> overhead won out over ext2's cleverer layout. All the I/O was
> basically fsync-driven, so this test was only about write
> performance.

For fsync-intensive loads ext3's best mode is generally
data=journal. That way, an fsync is satisfied by a nice
single linear write to the journal.

With a high volume of data you'll quickly exhaust the
journal space so it would also be beneficial to create
a monster journal with, say, mke2fs -J 400.

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