Re: IDE and hot-swap disk caddies

Pavel Machek (
Tue, 26 Mar 2002 18:52:39 +0000


> > > > The way you say that makes me think that it does support at some other
> > > > level... hot swap controller? Doesn't match MY hardware. Hot swap
> > >
> > > Controller level hotswap works mostly (think about pcmcia ide for example)
> >
> > Just to throw this out there. Is it possible to make the ide subsystem look
> > like a scsi controller ? that way the scsi layer could insert/remove
> > devices. say: ide0/1 = scsi0 (assuming no other scsi controllers) and hda =
> > scsi0 channel0 id0 lun0 and hdc = scsi0 channel1 id0 lun0 ...
> >
> > Personally, if it's doable, i'd like it.
> Hardware is different.
> You can paint a goose yellow and call it a duck, but it is still a goose.
> The electrical/electronic interface will kill you!

We already have support for SCSI-(raid)controllers which use IDE disks for
storage, so...

USB mass storage is not SCSI (in some cases), either. [Ouch, and some
usb-storage devices *are* IDE.]

So it makes sense to view IDE as very odd SCSI controllers.

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