Re: IDE and hot-swap disk caddies

Itai Nahshon (
Thu, 28 Mar 2002 02:01:25 +0200

On Thursday 28 March 2002 00:51 am, Alan Cox wrote:
> > I have seen USB mass storage devices with ide connector on them, so it
> > is certainly possible to translate between scsi and ide. If it makes
> > sense from performance standpoint.... I don't know.

I have one of these. The performance that I get is really poor and there
are some quirks but it is still useful. I will be _very happy_ when I will be
able to use it for system installation/upgrade (which did not happen yet).

> SCSI->IDE command translation isnt too hard providing you stick to simple
> stuff and blindly ignore things like ATAPI, SMART, and all the control
> stuff. The moment you get into the complex stuff its deeply unfunny.

What are the prospects of seeing SCSI and IDE code (and internal
programming interface) unified? How much can be unified until
performace considerations and code complexity mandates a separation?

-- Itai
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