Re: [patch] Device model update (with power state transitions)

Pavel Machek (
Fri, 29 Mar 2002 22:27:47 +0100


> (The first is not necessarily related to the other two, but the other two
> were created relative to the first, and it's otherwise innocuous).
> 1. Implements notion of 'system' bus, so system level devices can be added
> in a comon spot. This includes things like CPUs, PICs, timers, etc.

Good thing, but naming is pretty inconsistent.

You have device_register() but register_sys_device().

> Testing welcome also, though I wouldn't expect one to get very far, since
> they're not actually used. ;) Which, brings up another question - what
> would be the proper place to call device_shutdown()? (I haven't looked
> very far into that part...)

Tested, seems to work.
PS: On toshiba 4030cdt, I can suspend once without no apparent ill
effects. On resume I get

utmisc-0373 Ut_acquire_mutex : Invalid acquire order: Thread 5C owns
[ACPI_MTX_Hardware], wants [ACPI_MTX_Namespace].

followed by more warnings. Is there easy way to debug this?

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