Re: Backport of Ingo/Arjan highpte to 2.4.18 (+O1 scheduler)

Martin J. Bligh (
Fri, 29 Mar 2002 14:49:07 -0800

> I'm not considering to drop pte-highmem from 2.4 and to only support the
> user-fixmaps in 2.5 because it is a showstopper bugfix for lots of
> important users that definitely cannot wait 2.6. I'm also not
> considering backporting the user-fixmaps because that would be a quite
> invasive change messing also with the alignment of the user stack (I
> know it could stay into kernel space, but right after the user stack it
> will be more optimized and cleaner/simpler, so I prefer to put the few
> virtual pages there).

Can you explain the problem with the aligment of the user stack? I can't
see what the problem is here .... and we need to start thinking about how
to fix it if you've seen a problem that we haven't ....



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