Re: tulip driver again

Jeff Garzik (
Sat, 30 Mar 2002 02:38:06 -0500

David Ford wrote:

> "Me too" however I managed to get mine to work by swaping PCI cards
> in/out and doing power off reboots. It is working on this particular
> boot up so I'm leaving it running.
> Jeff Garzik, if you want the lspci, register dump, etc, please speak up.

Yes, please do.

The more bug reports I can receive (in private or CC'd to lkml), the
better picture I get. If you have multiple tulips, feel free to email
reports on those too :)

Best output is:
lspci -vvvn
dmesg, after updating drivers/net/tulip/tulip.h TULIP_DEBUG to 5,
and recompiling
tulip-diag -mmaavvveef

tulip-diag was written by Donald Becker, and is available from Compiling instructions are at the end of
tulip-diag.c. You should grab libmii.c as well.


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