Re: Kernel 2.4.17 with VT8367 [KT266] crashes on heavy ide load togeter

David Härdeman (
Sat, 30 Mar 2002 14:22:01 +0100

Hi all,

I got some mails regarding my first mail and I'll try to respond to the

Mark Hahn wrote:
>>newly bought Adaptec 2400A IDE-Raid card sucked so badly
>>in combination with my VIA KT133 based board.
> that's a bizarre combination: quite old/cheap motherboard with a
> fairly expensive HW raid card.

Yes, but that was the box that was available for testing currently.
Thats life :-)

> of course, you could do everyone a big favor by finding a tool that
> would dump the chipset's PCI config space under windows, to see what
> the patch changes. under Linux, of course, lspci does this.

Yes, I could do that (using WPCREDIT), but I'd like to know that it
would be helpful to some kernel hackers first, so mail me and I'll do it.

If someone *is* interested, I'll dump bus0,dev0,func0 (Host Bridge) and
bus0,dev1,func0 (PCI-PCI bridge) with and without patches installed, is
there any other device that should be included (like IDE-controller)?

Dieter Nützel wrote:
> Can you please redo with latest VIA fix applied?

I did try with the latest VIA patch applied (it gave approx 4Mb/s in
increase). However, some more research has uncovered yet more hardware
issues that may (in combination with the VIA issues) be the "real"

Apparently (by looking at the links at the end of this mail), SeaGate
Barracuda IV's and RAID is a big mistake. I will RMA the drives and buy
some other brand before I continue benchmarking the 2400A card.

Thanks to Mark, Dieter and Ville.


Barracuda IV problem links

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